Troll-Themed Virtual Games : Troll Factor

In an try to showcase how easily phony news and misinformation can spread on-line, the on-line match ‘Troll Factory’ has players attempt to increase their social media influence “by any means vital.” In the recreation, gamers get the job done at the “Troll Factory’ to unfold disinformation about a distinct subject matter. Gamers can use malicious memes, qualified advertising and marketing, and conspiracy theories to disseminate bogus information with the target of achieving as a lot of people today as probable.

The match pokes exciting at the time period “World wide web troll” which refers to strangers on the net “that quarrels or upsets folks on the World wide web to distract and sow discord.” The target of the sport is not “how to troll, but an introduction to the worldview of a troll and a primer on how to resist their impact as digital individuals.”

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