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Refine your relationship with sex-role playing

Refine your relationship with sex-role playing

All relationships, and especially long-term ones, inevitably follow the path of routine. However, if you love your partner and do not want to break up, there are ways to renew your relationship. Escorts show us the way by role playing!

Because, if you’re tired of constantly doing the same thing the relationship will end without any other obvious reason. So the easiest solution in this area is role playing or otherwise role playing… If it sounds extreme or it sounds to your partner, read the following possible scenarios first and you’ll see that one test will convince you…

Role playing – Sexy teacher and student

You are your innocent student and your girlfriend, as a teacher she is eager to teach you all the secrets of sex…! Here things require a bit more theatricality and a realistic environment. It is good for the sexy and sexy dressed teacher to pretend to be more mature than the innocent student.

He has kept him in the classroom after the lesson to scold him for his behaviour but actually wants to seduce him as he actually hides an abnormal paedophile inside her … in class!

Sex tip:

This fantasy is one of the most classic of men and must be done correctly and realistically. The student is good to pretend that he is sitting at a desk and that the teacher is dressed and combed as a teacher, not as Alexandrou.

Role playing – Naughty schoolgirl and serious high school student

Here are 2 roles you can play

1. The schoolgirl made a mess in the classroom… As a high school student you have to impose a “punishment” that only you know …! (The fantasy takes place in the lyceum’s office so he wants an office)

2. The schoolgirl does not skip much in class and needs special lessons at home. As a teacher you have to teach her math while the schoolgirl is posing to challenge you with her sexy dress and the challenging personal questions she asks you!

Sex tip:

It’s a good idea to take your role a little and act realistically. The teacher or high school teacher can be modest and strict with a provocative and nosy student or the teacher or lecturer can be aggressive and successful while the student is modest and infinite!

Role playing – Sexy secretary and boss

Who doesn’t have this fantasy…? Something serious about the glasses, the mini skirt, the shirt… And you as a boss have to blame her for this dress and the possible mistake she made!

Sex tip:

The office is essential here as well as the formal dress of the man!

Role playing – Photographer and escort model

Your partner will be the model who will make a revealing photo shoot and you will be her photographer! But she’s so sexy you can’t resist her! Remember that it is important for the photographer to give the girl instructions on the attitudes she will take as well as the clothes she will take out?)

Sex tip:

Here you can have your girlfriend in some sexy photos as ”souvenirs”. Escort Athens would never allow that!

Role playing – Call girl and customer

Not to mention you need the special pillar, however you can easily play this scenario! It’s just that your girl is dressed in the most sexy lingerie she has, she is wearing high heels and you as a client ask her to give you a call girl dance…

Sex tip:

The music you choose but also the lighting is the a and oh for a successful dance! It is also advisable not to touch the girl’s kitten in order to be more plausible but also to raise your libido to the full!

Role playing – Sexy prisoner and policeman

Okay here you might need costumes but halal… You know women’s fantasies about costumes so…? So take your chance and fulfil her own fantasy but also spend many hot moments…!

Sex tip:

The man must be fierce and aggressive, like a dirty cop…

Role playing – Sexy nurse and injured

And here you will need a uniform… that of the nurse! But it’s worth it as all men have a “weakness” in white suits… aren’t they?

Role playing – Making one night stand

And what do we mean? Whatever you go out, either men and girls or everyone alone but of course you go to the same shop! You will make strangers between you and you, as a male you will want to (again) approach your girlfriend!

This way you will end up in the One night stand and through this process your passion for the first few days will burst again!

Role playing – Sexy maid and hotel client

Another sexy fantasy is to be a hotel customer and in the morning to knock on the door a sexy maid to bring the room together and end up in your bed. This fantasy is very successful because it is very easy to do at home. All she needs is a sexy maid outfit for the girl and the man in bed to observe her while bedding.

Sex tip:

It goes without saying that the maid has to play it hard at first!

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