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6 bad home remodels that do not add value

It is important to understand that not all home upgrades are valuable. While some may think that some are extremely valuable, many do not really add to your home at all. Before you start any home renovation, make sure they add value to your home. Here are six projects from our professional plumbers  that you should completely avoid:

1. Improvements to plumbing and air conditioning

Most potential buyers expect your home to have hydraulic and HVAC systems in place. This does not mean that you have to upgrade everything – steel piping, energy efficient HVAC system etc. Instead you can focus on smaller, cheaper upgrades that keep both in good working order. Therefore, if you plan to sell your home in the near future, invest in regular plumbing and HVAC maintenance instead of expensive upgrades.

2. Rational lighting, bright colours and custom tiles

If you are planning to sell your home, avoid strong and selective design elements. Slim accent walls and stylish back-splashes are simple design features that will add to the appeal of your home. If you need help with these projects, you can consult the internet or a painting professional. Just make sure you lean towards the cheaper side.

Lighting is also another element that can break the bank. While you want your home to look bright and welcoming, you do not want to overdo it or go overboard with your home. Instead, consider installing recessed or LED luminaires for a modern, energy-efficient upgrade. Some versions are not as expensive and will increase the overall appeal.

3. Swimming pools

Swimming pools require a significant amount of money to operate and maintain. While you can live in a climate where it is wonderful, you still see months without use. Here are the most common reasons why swimming pools degrade homes:

  • The cost of an in-ground swimming pool is about $ 31,000.
  • Some homeowners view swimming pools as a safety hazard.
  • Some climates restrict the use of the pool.
  • Exact maintenance

Basically, unless you live in a tropical climate where it is warm all year round, swimming pools are not for your home. And in most places, they will not add anything to your resale value because the sellers are considering a difficult maintenance task.

4. Room conversion

Changing the purpose of a room can limit its usefulness. Some difficult room conversions include:

  • Turning a bedroom into a studio.
  • Removing walls to enlarge space.
  • Turning a garage into a gaming room.
  • Eliminate a bedroom to expand a room.

If you really want to convert a space, make sure the new purpose will be useful. For example, you might hit the wall between the dining room and the kitchen. That way you have a space, but it does not deviate from the purpose.

5. Reconstructed basements

Having a basement, unfinished or finished, is not always bad. However, this does not mean that you have to put every expensive touch in the space. Transformed basements can sometimes cost your home outside of your neighbourhood – a disadvantage for many buyers. Minor improvements, such as upgraded storage capacity, will yield much more than a complete refurbishment or custom upgrade.

6. Extensive external improvements

A beautiful lawn and garden will invite buyers to take a closer look at your home. Unfortunately, extensive landscaping does not always affect the overall value of your home. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis to improve the appearance of your home. Here are some simple upgrades:

  • Planting more shrubs and trees.
  • Adding hanging plants to the terrace.
  • Reset house numbers.
  • Repair of the front door.

You can DIY these projects to save money and time.


Renovations that affect the aesthetics of your home may not add to its value. Likewise, customized upgrades may appeal to you more than potential buyers. If you are thinking of selling your home, it is best to keep the renovations small, neutral and focus around improving the functionality of your home.

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Having a home is pricey: There are real estate tax and also mortgages, small repair work as well as large upkeep projects, power prices and water expenses. Besides’s said as well as done, your home racks up a huge bill yearly. Yet when it comes to your water bill, there’s fairly a lot you can do to cut expenses. Have a look at these surprisingly very easy and surreptitiously tricky manner from plumbing professional which you can begin conserving water today, as well as take a load off your checkbook.

5 Tips To Cut Down On Your Water Costs

Any kind of knowledgeable plumbing technician can inform you in order to minimize your water expense, you need to recognize what to try to find as well as recognize just how to preserve. Standing in front of the mirror while cleaning your teeth or shaving as well as allowing the tap run will lose more H2O than you will certainly utilize while running your meal washing machine. There’s a distinction in using and also squandering, as well as if you can cut down on waste, you will certainly reduce your bill. Below are the top five suggestions from qualified plumbers on just how to cut down on your water bill:

Hot water heater

If your hot water heater is greater than ten years old, you are due for an upgrade. Nonetheless, don’t simply seek the least expensive model. This is an opportunity to update and also choose one that minimizes energy and water usage. There are a number of alternatives offered including tankless models.

Oven or Microwave

If you require hot water from the kitchen, do not allow the tap run up until cozy water appears. Place the water you need in a mug or pot and heat it making use of the microwave or cooktop rather.

Cleaning and also Bathing

While you are cleaning your teeth, or massaging hair shampoo and also conditioner into your hair, is the water running? Why? It’s not of any kind of use to you, and it’s a waste. Shut off the tap and you will see a big modification in your costs every month.


If you are ready to upgrade your bathrooms in your home, look for models that utilize less water on flushes. They still do the work and also do not lose any type of water. Our accredited plumbers can aid you locate the right remedy for your shower room.

Look for Leaks

Leaks are a huge trouble due to the fact that they can take place in not-so-easy-to-see locations like in faucets, behind wall surfaces, below the foundation, and even outside. If you observe any type of indicators of dripping in slabs, pipes or your hot water heater, make sure to call a plumbing professional right now to fix it. Also a soppy faucet can squander lots of gallons a day.

That can add up some money a year actually going down the drain.There are some points on this listing that you can begin doing right now that will certainly help you to save money. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to spend money in order to conserve cash. If your water heater or plumbing system is more than 10 years old, upgrading it will certainly commonly save you a lot more over time.

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