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Fashion trends Spring/Summer 2020

Crochet, cut-outs, minimal, polo neck, polka dots, inflatable sleeves. For the Spring / Summer 2020 season, major brands are proposing wearable trends – gynaikeia royxa that we can easily adapt to our daily lives. Discover everything about women’s fashion and refresh a little in your spring and summer wardrobe as the season demands.

Outside the shoulders, inflatable sleeves and bulky clothes on the shoulders

Tops – ΓΥΝΑΙΚΕΙΑ ΤΟΠ – and dresses with out shoulders are a very seductive and elegant choice for spring and summer 2020. This trend returns and makes our dress very mysterious and beautiful. On the other hand, the inflatable sleeves that we have seen worn most recently remain in place. So if you haven’t adopted this trend so far, you still have a season to try.

You can even choose a top or dress – ΦΟΡΕΜΑΤΑ – with out shoulders that has inflatable sleeves. This combination is a must for the season and if you add a few flyers, it becomes even more fashionable.

Finally, inflatable shoulders with or without pads will also be honoured. We will see them in overalls and dresses to add prestige and style.

Floral prints with tiny or large flowers, roses and tropical patterns

Spring and Summer without flowers and tropical patterns is not possible! That’s why famous fashion houses are again suggesting floral prints in their clothes.

Particularly much will be worn on tiny flowers, roses, and even tropical patterns such as palm trees.

Chequered patterns and this season at the top

Another of the timeless and popular prints we have all loved is the plaid. Whether it’s Scottish or plaid, the plaid as it will be called will dominate this season as well.

Although many consider plaid clothes to be more autumnal, our famous designers have shown that they can be worn well in Spring or Summer!

Animal prints in Fashion and Spring / Summer 2020

Leopard, tabby, zebra and all animal prints remain fashionable this season to make our spring and summer appearances more special.

We will not see them with the same intensity of the previous season, but they will still be at the top of the trend.

Pleated dresses and skirts will remain a fashion trend this season too

The pleasantries continue through the Spring / Summer 2020 season. These are clothes that have movement and femininity. They are ideal for casual but also formal appearances such as a wedding. So you can also wear a pleated skirt – CASUAL ΦΟΥΣΤΕΣ – at this time as long as it is not made of thick fabrics such as velvet.

Transparency and lace in trends for Spring and Summer 2020

Clothing that exudes elegance and luxury like those made of transparency will also be worn this Spring / Summer period. Some of them are entirely made of see-through fabrics, and there are some that are partially revealing.

But apart from the chiffon, muslin and other translucent materials, the lace will also be noticeable. This romantic fabric with elegant knitting will decorate our spring and summer clothes in the best way.

Also discover 15 ways to wear transparency .

Clothes with cut-outs or high side slits

Another trendy way to reveal some skin is cut-outs. These are openings that are usually created in the middle, but also in the abdomen revealing small parts of the body.

If this is not your style, you can opt for the more classic and timeless side slip option in a skirt. The only difference is that this year it is even more revealing, reaching up almost to the basin.


Fashion inspired by the 70’s and sharp disco collars

The fashion trends of the 70’s will also remain Spring / Summer on top with bell pants and disco style clothing to be honoured.

Equally popular at the time, however, were the geometric patterns that will be worn even now.

But what stood out the most in this year’s runways were the special pointed heels in t-shirts, dresses, shirts and jackets that characterized the decade.

Neon colours with emphasis on yellow and green

The colours in Spring and Summer are usually brighter. That was one of the reasons that made famous designers recommend neon as a top fashion trend.

With a particular emphasis on yellow and green phosphores, neon colours will be worn from top to toe at this time. So if you like eccentric and distinctive looks, these shades are perfect for Spring and Summer.

Glittering suits, gold and holographic fabrics

Apart from the neon, impressive and shiny are the gold metallic fabrics as well as the decorated with suits. They are ideal for more glamorous appearances usually at evening or formal outings and can make you dazzle.

Beyond that, holographic fabrics will be worn a lot at this time. That is, they have an iridescent / unicorn and futuristic effect. Dare them and have others look at you with admiration!

More fashion trends for the Spring / Summer 2020 season

In addition to the aforementioned fashion trends, low-waisted pants as well as bell or baggy style will be worn.

Also, colourful fabrics, ombre and tie dye will make their presence felt. The same will apply to psychedelic and symmetrical patterns, stripes, geometric patterns and bohemian prints.

Finally, safari style clothing in beige, khaki and other earth shades will continue to be worn this season.

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