Future-Forward Exhibition Experiences : house of futures

The House of Futures opened its doors on September 5th in Berlin, Germany. Better identified as Futurium, the institution is multi-experiential and, useless to say, upcoming-going through. The exhibitions spot distinct target on innovation and imagine what key industries, like architecture and design, will appear like going forward. For case in point, the inaugural show at the Residence of Futures is titled ‘Human Beings, Character, Technology’ and it explores inside and external associations among the three as they struggle to obtain equilibrium in a quickly evolving environment.

Futurium also gives an immersive expertise with its Labs. Attendees are inspired to partake. These Labs take a look at a wide range of subjects, which include the ‘Future of Architecture,’ Bio-Structure, and Synthetic Intelligence. Additionally, the Home of Futures additional extends with instructional prospects by workshops, guided excursions, a ‘Future Box,’ and curated offerings for people and universities.

Photograph Credits: David von Becker, Futurium

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